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bright engineering

Bright Engineering operates a quality system to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 which controls a machine shop that runs on a 2 shift system and includes the latest CNC machines.

This is backed up by computer aided part programming, 3D design and two CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines.

A regular feature of the Company's workload is to engineer difficult, tightly-toleranced components, but the breadth of experience found within the company both at management and shopfloor level, allows Bright Engineering to take on all manner of engineering work, with the intention of making life easier for the customer.

Bright Engineering's position within the reactive precision machining market necessitates the use of a wide range of machinery with accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

Bright Engineering's highly qualified personnel boast a wide experience of precision engineering and are extremely skilled at producing all manner of components for a huge range of industries. Our customers enjoy our high quality of engineering and service, and the ethos at Bright Engineering means that sub-standard products are simply never acceptable for despatch, whatever the intended final application.

Bright Engineering is approved to the Aerospace standard AS9100